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Here is a picture of Our Ships Bell in Mars Pennsylvania.

If traveling to see our bell take Rt 228 East off I79

to Pittsburg St and Grand Ave in Mars PA.



I have established the months of February & July as publishing months.  Issue 41 is now ready to be download.  Please check the Newsletter page for all issues of our SupplyLine.

Chuck Jones Editor

Someone at this past reunion has come up with a very good idea of putting a page on our web site to submit a request to host a reunion. That page is now on on this site and is called just that: "Host A Reunion?"  


We have now located over 1478 former crew members. To keep this number growing we need your help. If you are visiting this site for the first time and you are a former crew member please go to the Welcome Page and fill out a "Found Martians" form and submit it.  We enjoy Welcoming back aboard Found Martians.

Check out the LINKS PAGE to see what new things are happening on MARS.  The planet that is.  



Download and print these cards out to hand out to fellow Veterans.  

Mars Business Card Front

Mars Business Card Back

Also check out the Crew Listing Page to see who has contacted us.

If they have contacted us by submitting a "Found Martian" form, then the word contacted will appear after their name. If you wish to contact a shipmate, then click on Send Me An Email, the link is provided below:

Updated: 19 January 2016

Art Sweetland


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