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10 March 2014

To all friends of my Dad “Everett" Jones.  


Early this morning a ship came in …. It was filled with very happy sailors.  Friendly sailors from our past …. But this time they came in to pick up one of their own …. “My Daddy”


Dad passed away early this morning after his very long battle of cancer … he fought very hard and always had such a good attitude throughout his battle.  Dad loved life, people and new adventures …. I am sure he is on his way to getting them all squared away in heaven ….

Dad did not want any big service … in fact last summer when we took him to a service of one of his friends he told us “If you’re going to do anything, please just have a few drinks, eat some food and tell stories about me”  so that is what did.


With much Aloha,

Terry Jones-Castillo