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Welcome Aboard

If the word contacted is after a name on the crew list.  Then contact us for more information by sending an email to Chuck Jones, or Art Sweetland from the "Contact Us" Web Page.  

Remember to keep us updated with any changes in your information. By using our "Update My Information" form.

If your name listing does not have the word Contacted after it then you will need to fill out the Welcome/Found Martians form.

63-72 A-K
63-72 L-Z
73-80 A-K
73-80 L-Z
81-93 A-K
81-93 L-Z


You will need a P.D.F. reader to view the Ship’s Crew Listings.

If you do not have this program installed on your computer.

You can get a free copy at Adobe Com.  Click here  to be directed to their site. 


Photo taken by: Gary Whitcutt from the USS ALBATROSS MSC 289 in 1968