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Donated by: Randy Hill RM3 72-73


 I served on the Mars from 1970-1971 and need evidence of the ship in Vietnam and proof of boots on the ground. I have been trying to gather ships logs with no luck. Am wondering if you have ships logs from that time period that you would share with me. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank You SN Kenneth Fox; kennyfox1969@outlook.com

My suggestion would be to read through all the archived SupplyLines which are on our web-site. They give the move movements of our ship.

I am Randy Belstad and I served on Mars from April 1973 to July 1975 in S-1.  Today I mailed you some pictures and a photo disc of photos I took during that time.  Most are from a shellback initiation and from activities during Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of Saigon in April 1975.  Please use the pictures in any way you can to show what Mars was doing  during that time.  Since most troops left in 1973 many people don’t know that we were still involved in naval activities until May of 1975.  Mars frequently was in Vietnamese waters from 1973 to 75 to support ships there.  I didn’t even realize I was eligible for Vietnam veteran status until 40 years later and had to contact my senator to be awarded medals earned for service in Operation frequent wind.  Thank you for all the work you do for those who served on Mars.

Art Sweetland